6th Annual Global Equality & Diversity Conference & Awards


Challenges, Solutions & Resolutions

The challenge is to find innovative solutions and resolution mechanisms that can work inside an organisation, addressing the discriminations,  bad behaviours and disparities while responding promptly to the victims, in ways that are proportionate and, where practical, restorative.

Thursday 17th October 2019

De Vere Canary Wharf, No. 1 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD

Confirmed Speakers for GED 2019

Javornik (Dr)
Leeds University Business School
Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations
Diversity and Ability (DnA) and Zaytoun
Co-founder and CEO
VERCIDA Consulting
Lexxic Ltd
Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Occupational Psychologist
The Fawcett Society
Chief Executive

Global Equality & Diversity is now Live for 2019

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The challenge of Intersectionality

Many employees, clients or customers and service users can no longer be seen or understood in one simple race, gender, faith, sexuality or ability category.

Tensions can arise when the respective rights, interests and entitlements of different groups intersect and come into conflict, such as in Northern Ireland with the Ashers’ Bakery “Gay Cake” row or claims of race and gender discrimination in Olympic teams being taken to employment tribunals.

The term intersectionality – referring to the complex and cumulative way different forms of discrimination like racism, sexism and classism overlap and affect minority groups and individuals — was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, but has recently come to the fore in discussions regarding workplace equality, diversity and inclusion.

Current legal mechanisms and employment processes to reconcile seemingly competing claims made for equality are proving unsatisfactory. Rights and respect campaigns such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter have seen, and continue to see, significant growth. These movements are driving new responses in the behaviour of companies and public services, both in the workplace and outside it. In the services and promotional images they provide – wider recognition of the mosaic of difference.

Intersectionality is the growing challenge. Whether it’s HR and Personnel Development in employment matters within a company, public relations in an organisation, or service delivery in education; policing; health; retail; financial services or the media.

Inclusion strategies are rising to meet this challenge. But this is an organisation wide obligation; the responsibility for change cannot be left to fall solely on HR or Personnel Development staff. Many issues are far outside employment issues and the HR remit reaching into product or service design and delivery and organisation wide strategy.

The challenge is to find creative inclusive and innovative solutions and resolution mechanisms that can work inside an organisation, addressing the failings and disparities and responding to victims, but also finding solutions that are proportionate and, where practical, restorative that meet the complex identities people now bring to all aspects of their life and expect these to be recognised.

GED 2019 Event Partners

Global Equality & Diversity Supporting Organisations
Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei)

Key Presentations from GED 2018

This is just an example of some of the presentations delivered at GED 2018

Alasdair MacDonald

Director of Programmes, Equality and Human Rights Commission

Tonya Antonis

Chief Superintendent, County Policing Command Suffolk Constabulary

What can you expect from GED 2019

Watch our 2018 highlights reel.

The GED 2019 Conference will

Review the state of public debate and perceptions of discrimination
Examine creative solution to promote inclusion and suppress discrimination
Review the legal and open cases that are shaping some of the change
Look beyond current media focusses to new settlement and behaviour models for greater equality and inclusion inside organisations.

Who Should Attend GED 2019?

The conference will attract business and public sector staff with responsibility for equality, diversity and inclusion strategy and implementation, including:

Private Sector Managers

Board Members, CSR and Equalities | HR Directors | Talent Managers | Heads of Equality and Diversity | Research Directors | Business | Development Directors | Board Members | Academics and Researchers | Business Research and Development | Sector Specific Experts | Recruitment Personnel | Careers Personnel | Charities and Stakeholder Organisations | Workforce Transformation Managers

Public and Voluntary Sector

Councillors – County, District and Combined Authorities | Cabinet Members on Education | Cabinet Members for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion | Council Officers for Growth and Regeneration | Council Officers for Education | University Vice Chancellors | Pro Vice Chancellors, Access and Widening Participation | Chambers of Commerce Directors | LEP Directors | Professional Associations | Trade Unions | Trade Associations | Academic Researchers | Consultancies | Recruitment and Retention Specialists | NHS Employers | Fire, Ambulance and Police Services | Courts and Justice Services

Organisations represented at the GED 2018 Conference included:

20-First  |  Aviva  |  Baker Hughes  |  BPP University  |  Bristol City Council  |  Business in the Community  |  Cambridge Consultants  |  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation  |  Centre for Ageing Better  |  Changing Faces  |  Chartered Insurance Institute  |  Common Purpose  |  Conflux  |  CMI  |  Cubiks  |  DAF Trucks  |  Delta Alpha Psi  |  Diversity and Ability Ltd  |  Diversity by Design  |  Doncaster Council   |  enei  |  Equality and Human Rights Commission  |  FHNW University of Applied Science and Arts  |  Frost Included  |  Gambling Commission  |  Gendered Intelligence  |  Greater London Authority  |  Green Park  |  HFW  |  IBM UK  |  Indeed Ireland Operations  |  Intellectual Property Office  |  James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  |  Jane Fordham Consulting   |  Leeds University   |  L&Q Group  |  Legal & General Group plc  |  London Fire Brigade  |  Mermaids  |  Monash University, Australia  |  Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business  |  Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust  |  Paioni  |  Runnymede Trust   |  Queen Mary University of London  |  Rugby Borough Council  |  S&P Global  |  Sightsavers  |  South Yorkshire Police  |  Suffolk Constabulary  |  Taylor and Francis Group  |  Thames Valley Police  |  The Centre for Inclusive Leadership  |  The Coal Authority  |  TLT LLP  |  University of Cambridge  |  University of Essex  |  Vercida  |  Women and Equalities Committee

GED 2018 Feedback

What delegates said about GED 2018

“I really enjoyed the conference it’s by far the best E & D conference out there!”

“Fantastic event, excellent speakers and I made a number of very useful contacts for future work.  It was good to come and not be forced into task groups to solve fictional models.  Much more beneficial in this format to attend and listen to and learn from presenters and national leaders.”

“Another great event. Well done to all involved. Very engaging and insightful with an enviable line up of speakers. Dr Jana Javornik – thank you for being a constant beacon of light for Equality and Diversity.”