The Government has put transparency centre-stage in its programme for equality and diversity for this parliament.

Most companies are addressing this challenge, while other organisations are already advanced in their strategies and practices to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion in every aspect of their business.

Organisations in different sectors are often starting from different points to demonstrate progress to staff, stakeholders, clients and service users. On gender pay, organisations will be publishing one set of metrics in April 2018.

We want to hear from public and private organisations about best practice and examples of other metrics, methodologies and insights being used to address equality and diversity challenges.

We are seeking case studies, research work and examples of best practice and impact for presentation, particularly from the following sectors:

  • Uniformed public services
  • New media and online organisations
  • Social care and nursing
  • Higher Education –
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • The legal profession
  • Finance and banking
  • Technology and telecoms
  • Manufacturing and transport

Your submission can be either:

  • a presentation (15 minutes followed by questions and discussion)
  • a workshop (45 mins interactive session)
  • a poster (visual display of project or research for display during the conference)

It should clearly identify the aims, approach taken, outcome and metrics used or proposed.

Funke Abimbola’s Presentation at GED 2016

Deadline for entries – Friday 19th May 2017

Questions guiding the conference include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How is ‘diversity’ perceived and accounted for by organisations?
  • How are organisations preparing for new transparency legislation?
  • What kind of processes and policies are introduced and which are proving successful?
  • What has research revealed about your organisation and your starting point?
  • What are the challenges related to devising and implementing equality and diversity policy in organisations?
  • What measuring benchmarks and metrics have proved useful?
  • How do individuals experience diversity in the workplace?

Please email your abstract as a MS Word attachment (no more than 500 words) to no later than Friday 19th May 2017

Speakers whose papers are selected for presentation at GED 2017 will be entitled to a special rate of £175 plus VAT.

By submitting a paper, you are indicating your availability to present on 30 November.